Advanced Basic Life Support

RSTO has developed a training course which takes first aid to a newer and higher level. During this course, candidates are trained in both theoretical and practical settings. This course is suitable for persons who may find themselves in hazardous environments and require advanced knowledge and skills in order to help others. The Advanced Basic Life Support program can be tailored to the needs of the candidates attending the course.

Become Advanced Basic Life Support Instructor:

This is a course which, without a doubt, will help others with advanced training in life support. Prerequisites include excellent knowledge in first aid courses. Apply to become instructor for the Advanced Basic Life Support with RSTO. All successful applicants who pass the course will receive:

  • Instructor certificate
  • Instructor wallet card
  • Training backpack
  • Advanced Basic Life Support Instructor manual
  • RSTO Powerpoint: Advanced Basic Life Support
  • RSTO Multimedia Assistant: Advanced Basic Life Support ( on a DVD )

Who can give this course:

  • Qualified instructors who have completed the Advanced Basic Life Support Instructor Course
  • Instructors of other organisations who cross-over to RSTO.

Course Specification

  • Duration: 24 hours
  • Max Number of students: 12
  • Certificate: Yes
  • Student card: Yes

Who should attend:

  • First aiders working in hazardous settings
  • Rescue teams etc.
  • Ski patrols etc.
  • Medical professionals