Learn to Act rather than React!

What do you do when something changes your daily routine? Do you act or react? That would depend as to what has been affected and how capable you are to deal with it.

If this was an emergency, an unplanned incident affecting you and others, which could result in serious consequences, you would most likely do something that would limit any disastrous consequences.

If you ’React’, that would mean you would be subjectively responding based on an impulse taken from an emotional interpretation of the situation.

But if you ‘Act’, then your response could be based more objectively on the issue, after reviewing the situation, analysing the task and the risk involved. With the above in mind, an Action would result in a rational plan, reason taken from past education, training, experience and practice.

Is always better to Act rather than React, since an objective approach taken from thinking, analysing and planning ensures the safest solution to most incidents.

From the RSTO Team on the 15th of August 2012!