What makes a good instructor!

If you ask random people who their favorite teacher was in school you will hear various answers... for example some might say “my history teacher” whereas others might say “my PE (physical education) teacher”. Everyone has a favorite teacher because they admire the way they teach and the methods they use rather than the subject. The lesson does not matter as much as the person who teaches it. It is important to know how to teach so that your students learn in a supportive, collaborative environment. A good teacher as well as a good instructor must have some qualities or characteristics that contribute to success and effectiveness. This article would like to share some of the most essential characteristics in becoming a good instructor:

  • Has the desire to teach
  • Has the ability to understand and work well with people
  • Manages time effectively
  • Is approachable, enthusiastic and caring
  • Evaluates students objectively
  • Understands adult learning style
  • Can teach with or without audiovisual aids
  • Is motivated, well-prepared, self-confident, and patient
  • Can effectively use problem-solving scenarios as teaching tools
  • Competence in the subject
  • Willingly adapts to the ever-changing needs of his client

A good instructor must win the respect from others instead of demanding it. In fact he must lead by example, allow his actions to speak for him. Furthermore talking negatively to a student or behind his back is unacceptable. Obviously sarcasm and joking should be avoided since it can cause division through the group as well as harsh feelings. Surely maintaining professionalism at all times is significant. Therefore the good instructor knows that once he steps foot in the class all personal matters must be forgotten, deleted for a while. This some might say requires a little bit of acting. Finally being a “people” person in an advantage, to be able to understand and work with people, caring about their needs and listen carefully.

In conclusion a good instructor knows that no one is born a good instructor and that becoming one is something that takes time, patience, effort and persistence. However is fair to say that some are more gifted with teaching than others. What is more anyone who has the characteristics mentioned, is most likely someone’s favorite teacher.



Posted on the 06th of August 2013!