About Us

The Rescue & Safety Training Organisation (RSTO) is formed by senior professionals having years of experience in the field. Is a registered training development organisation, which sets standards, accredits courses and qualifications for safety & rescue training courses.

It provides information, regulatory guidance, policy advice to organisations, governments and public health practitioners to all sectors public and private. As an specialised body for rescue & safety, RSTO provides qualifications, organizes events and workshops, provides support materials for students and trainers, and supervise quality and policy standards to maximize efficiency and effectiveness on training courses.

As a global institution with a chain of courses, RSTO aims to advance safety standards by implementing proactive thinking, and advancing in training development. RSTO is based in the UK but also operates in other regional facilities.

RSTO will also organize conferences, seminars and produce a comprehensive range of safety and rescue training publications and aids specifically tailored to your needs, so you don't have to!