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14 Safety Tips for the Workplace | 30-12-2015

Whatever type or line of business you are, the possibility of an accident or damage to someone's...

New 2015 Guidelines for CPR, AED, First Aid | 23-10-2015

Find a summary of the updated guidelines for CPR the use of the AED and first aid procedures...

10 tips to be healthy every day - World Health Day | 07-04-2015

The theme of this years World Health Day is food safety! Receive your healthy tips...

A story which an eleven year old should not experience | 30-03-2015

Adam Greenlee, an 11 year old experienced a true life threatening condition on school grounds...

What makes a good instructor | 06-08-2013

If you ask random people who their favorite teacher was in school you will hear various answers...

What to do if you see a bear | 30-04-2013

Bears are not tame, gentle or cuddly as some may think. Bears are considered unpredictable and potentially dangerous...

Coughing during heart attack | 10-12-2012

Coughing during a heart attack. Read more about this issue to understand what you need to do in such an event.

Learn to Act rather than React | 15-08-2012

What do you do when something changes your daily routine? Do you act or react? That would depend on what has been affected and how capable you are to deal with it.

Prepare your GO-Bag | 19-05-2012

Ever heard of a Go-Bag? This is an RSTO brief on why you should prepare this bag and what you should include in it. Plan for the worse, but better to wish for the best!

How to Save a life | 17-01-2012

For those reading this blog, it means that you are really interested in saving a life or maybe it is something you have already done and want to know if you used the accepted methods.