RSTO Training Centres

If you are an existing training centre or you are now starting out, RSTO has developed all that it takes to start working in the specifics of our training sector. Our training programs promote a relaxed atmosphere together with a user friendly approach, aiming to increase the amount of information and skills passed on to each and every trainee.


  • - Have your courses certified by a recognized company.
  • - Gain global recognition
  • - Offer a unified approach in courses where one organisation can provide you with all the courses
  • - A professional organisation ready to handle all your needs

Which courses can my approved centre run?

Each training centre must apply for a specific course. A training centre may wish to collaborate with an outsource trainer for which we at RSTO can arrange. Depending on the location, the type of course, the duration and the affordability of your centre and client, the most appropriate instructor is mutually selected.

What are the requirements to apply as a training centre?

A centre must fill the application form which includes all the necessary information. After submitting the information in the "Centre Application Form", we will evaluate your application and reply to it within 10 days. Our aim is to expand training centres around the world continues, all with positive feedback.

Centre Application Form