RSTO Training Programs

Find all our training programs, depending on the sector. RSTO emphasizes on the importance of life related training. From the very provisional pro-active approach, in health and safety, or the preparation of deal with a crisis, to the rescue and care required afterwards.

Rescue Training

In a world where disasters strike with out notice, where individual life's are at risk others train to save the crowed, either for their friends and neighbours, and others for their team members or co-workers.

Emergency Care

Everyday we are at risk of developing a serious illness. Learning emergency care procedures can make the difference between life and death, between temporary and permanent disability, between rapid recovery and long hospitalization.

Health & Safety

Optimised training is a must in achieving proper Health and Safety at work. RSTO training courses work directly with the needs of every organisation by providing the flexibility to the trainer to deliver the required skills while inspiring others to put what they've learned in practice at their everyday life!

Crisis Management

Is essential to develop a process to help individuals deal with any given emergency that threatens organisations and the general pubic. Is even more important to learn these procedures and know what to do once disaster strikes our doorstep.