Fire Safety

This is a perfect course for every business. The RSTO Fire Safety training course starts with legislation guidelines, goes in to the processes that result in fire, the causes of fire, fire handling and evacuation procedure. This training program can be adjusted to the requirements of your organisation, the risk assessment and the recommendations of your safety officer.

At the end of course you will:

  • Know the laws and regulations regarding fire safety
  • Know the main causes of fire
  • Know about fire fighting, when and how
  • Understand Emergency Evacuation Procedures

Become a Fire Safety Instructor:

Something that must not be omitted by every organisation is the knowledge of fire safety. Become an instructor of this course and use the supplied materials of RSTO to deliver it to your organisation or to others. Working with the RSTO training materials ensures quality and efficiency during a training course. Apply as an instructor for the Fire Safety course and All successful applicants who pass the course will receive the following:

  • Instructor certificate
  • Instructor wallet card
  • Training backpack
  • Fire Safety Instructor manual
  • RSTO Powerpoint for Fire Safety

Who can give this course:

  • Qualified trainers who have completed the Fire Safety Trainer course
  • Instructors of other organisations who cross-over to RSTO

Course Specification

  • Duration: 6-7 hours
  • Max Number of students: 18
  • Certificate: Yes
  • Student card: Yes

Who should attend:

  • Fire teams
  • Managers, duty managers
  • Safety teams
  • Supervisors
  • First aid teams

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