O2 for Emergencies

This is a course that relates closely with the rest of the first aid related courses, especially advanced first aid and first aid at work. This course should be of interest to those who wish to enhance their knowledge in this specific sector. You will be instructed specifically how to use the oxygen during an emergency situation.

At the end of course you will:

  • Understand when to use oxygen
  • Understand the benefits of oxygen
  • Know how to use oxygen during resuscitation
  • Know how to provide oxygen to an unresponsive breathing victim
  • Know how to provide oxygen to an injured responsive victim
  • Know how to maintain the oxygen cylinders

Become an O2 for Emergencies Instructor:

Rescuers and workers with a duty of care to a specific group of people are required to have knowledge on providing Oxygen during an Emergency. RSTO has ensured the development of a training friendly program so the instructor can find it straightforward to demonstrate the use of oxygen for emergencies. The training course is fully flexible, adaptable to who is attending and the expertise of the instructor. Apply today and become an instructor for the O2 for Emergencies. All successful training candidates will receive the following:

  • Instructor certificate
  • Instructor wallet card
  • Training backpack
  • O2 for Emergencies Instructor manual
  • RSTO Powerpoint for O2 for Emergencies
  • RSTO Multimedia Assistant for O2 for Emergencies ( on a DVD )

Who can give this course:

  • Qualified instructors who have completed the O2 for Emergencies Instructor course
  • Instructors of other organisations who cross-over to RSTO

Course Specification

  • Duration: 4-6 hours
  • Max Number of students: 12
  • Certificate: Yes
  • Student card: Yes

Who should attend:

  • Trained first aiders
  • Pool Attendants
  • Divers and rescuers
  • Fire team
  • AED team