RSTO has developed a training course specially to help you set the standards as to who would receive your help first in a given emergency. When decision making becomes hard, RSTO can make this easier for you.

Become a Triage Trainer:

A training course for advanced first aid related trainers. Prerequisites include past knowledge in training short version first aid courses. Apply to become Trainer for the Triage with RSTO. All successful trainers will receive:

  • Instructor Certificate
  • Instructor wallet card
  • Training backpack
  • Triage Instructor Manual
  • RSTO Powerpoint: Triage
  • RSTO Multimedia Assistant: Triage ( on a DVD )
  • Small First Aid Kit for Demonstration during training

Who can deliver this course:

  • Qualified trainers who have completed the Triage Trainer Course
  • Or Instructors of other organisations who cross-over to RSTO

Course Specification

  • Duration: 6-12 hours
  • Max Number of students: 12
  • Certificate: Yes
  • Student card: Yes

Who should attend:

  • Workers in remote settings
  • Rescue teams
  • Ski Patrol
  • Medical Proffesionals
  • First aiders